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The Medical Nutrition Center

The Medical Nutrition Centre PO Box 328 Flat 22, Ruyan Bldg 1309, Budaiya Medical Centre Budaiya Highway

+973 17599088


8.30AM-7.30PM (Friday Off)

Profile Description

The Medical Nutrition Centre was established in 2005, to help individuals in Bahrain and gulf region in all nutrition related health problems. The Medical Nutrition Centre is designed to offer a truly individualized care plan, outlined by specialized Clinical Nutrition Dr. Neriman Lotfi. This plan is uniquely designed to both guide you through your life style modification and prepare you for your new life after reaching to your goal. As a first Medical Nutrition center in Bahrain, we are proud to offer more weight loss options than anyone else. Dr. Neriman has performed weight loss procedures since 1997 and has compassionately helped thousands of patients to a new life. The Medical Nutrition Center also boasts the only multidisciplinary team work. This makes the Center especially responsive to working with the patients one-on-one in a compassionate environment that emphasizes safety and service excellence. The Medical Nutrition Center is a specialized clinic helps individuals in the management of all nutrition related health problems such as malnutrition, gastrointestinal, metabolic illnesses as well as other conditions requiring nutritional therapy, including autism and food related allergies.